Betta Fish Breeding

Before even considering betta fish breeding one of the most important things to remember is that older females may not produce eggs or be to weak for the male. The good news is that in captivity the betta splenden is one of the easiest fish to breed assuming you have the correct water conditions, and

Betta Fish Diseases

Here are the symptoms of some common betta fish diseases you can use to try and identify what it is, that is making your betta sick. In most cases the greatest cause of a sick betta is poor water quality and I can’t emphasize enough the importance of properly maintaining your tank. With that in

Sick Betta Fish

Dealing with a sick betta does not have to be a heartbreaking experience. Although very beautiful, betta fish are unfortunately very fragile creatures and everyone will at one point or another have to deal with a disease or other problem. The first step if your suspect that your betta is sick, is to properly diagnose what is

Tips on Setting Up Betta Fish Tanks

So you have a betta and now need some advice on setting up betta fish tanks. We will explain how you can set up ay our tank so that your betta will be happy, healthy and hopfeully live a long life. While many people use a bowl or vase to put there bettas in this is a very bad idea